Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Analogue Books - Running Amok # 20

I'm really excited to announce that I've just finished my zine for Scotland's Analogue Books for their ongoing series "Running Amok." It is issue number 20, and is available for purchase here. I've entitled it "Everything and Everyone" and it's filled with a bunch of drawings of bearded men, shy girls and quotes from The Kinks.

Here's the description of the project from the Running Amok site:

1 x issue
1 x artist
Free Rein
Running Amok is a series of zines produced purely to showcase the work of artists, illustrators and designers who's work excites us. Deliberately lo-fi and inexpensive, each issue is printed in a numbered edition of 100. Issue 20 by Christopher Bettig has just been released.

Pick one up, it's really rad and Analogue Booksare good peeps!