Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So, it's that time of the year... thought I'd look back and share my favorites from the past year... favorite art stuff, music, movies things, events whatever... it's my top ten "things" of 2008. btw. I cheated a little and added "runner's up" and "honorable mentions" sections at the bottom too. I didn't add in things that I did on this list, like the rad projects I got to work on and all the exhibits with Giant Robot etc. (thanks Eric & Michelle!) but I did add my solo show in SF at Candystore because that was so much fun (i snuck it in the honorable mentions)... hope everyone had a great year and are having fully epic holidays!


Not sure if everything here was created in 2008, but I found all this stuff this year... some great artists using air and balloons in their installation work & photography, love it! Image 1 is Hans Hemmert, image 2 is Andrea Galvani and image 3 is Dorthe Alstrup.

2. Niels Fyrst - Modular Nola video

This video is amazing... it's a music video done by Niels Fyrst for Bjorn Svin's track Modular Nola... just beautiful. You can see the full video on Niels' site just click Modular Nola in the work area on the top left.

3. MR. GM, Geoff Mcfetridge

It's no secret that GM is one of my favorite artists ever, and it was nice to see a mini version of his Dutch show here in LA at the REDCAT this year. Got to talk with him a bit and see a nice lecture with him and Ed Fella, very inspiring...


I discovered the Finders Keepers / Battered Ornaments / Twisted Nerve Records catalogs this year and my life has not been the same. I downloaded pretty much everything they had, it was insane. I have to say that it is all amazing stuff, the absolute stand out for me was the band Beneath Fire & Smoke... they have not released much, just a few short eps... but so good. They dropped SOMETIMES this year, you should buy it and everything else they have or will release. Buy things here.


As it relates to 3 bands that all have the number 3 in the name of their band or in the title of the record they released this year. These records couldn't be more different from each other, but they are so great... Ratatat - "LP3", The Dirty Three - "Whatever You Love, You Are", Portishead - "Third"


Sigur Ros has been one of my favorite bands since Von was released... this year they released a new record that was a departure from their sort of established/expected sound and it is equally amazing. Then I had the fortunate opportunity to see them live in Los Angeles a the Greek Theatre, an open air theatre in the middle of Griffith Park a few blocks from my apartment.... such an amazing and beautiful night...


I swear this isn't a joke. I have to give it up to Kanye this year. It started with his partnership with Absolute and the AMAZING tv infomercial he ran, which may be the funniest random thing I have seen in years. Then, like Sigur Ros, he released a new record taking a completely new direction with his sound, and I actually like it too. He has a great blog too, which I'm not sure if it's actually him or one of his assistants, but nonetheless he's the only MC posting about Comme Des Garcons & Murakami etc. Pretty amazing guy that has a great sense of humor, not afraid to experiment and is a big supporter of the arts = #7 on my list.


The funniest thing I have ever seen. I love JONAH. Australia is awesome.

9. OO7

Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever. EVER.


Went to India for a few weeks this year.... it was amazing & sad and beautiful & ugly all in one...



The only reason he isn't #1 on my list is that he hasn't done anything yet. It is so amazing to have Obama elected, but I don't want to jump the gun... let him get to work and then he'll be my number one for the next 4 years!


This year some really amazing friends of mine got married, so congratulations I LOVE YOU GUYS!
1. George & Bridget Fujioka 2. Ted & Angie Poketo 3. Justin & Holly VanHoy


This actually sucked, but I had hand surgery this year on both hands to repair nerve damage, the good part was that after 8 months of healing my hands seem to be 100%... hopefully I'm all good...


1. My solo show at Candystore in SF this past summer 2. Meeting Hillary Clinton at a rally 3. Being Nas' stylist 4. Visiting Joshua Tree National Park 5. My off the chart Wii tennis ranking (and it's even higher now this photo is 6 months old).

THANKS to everyone this year who supported me by coming out to shows, sending emails, purchased art, ordered products etc etc... such a great year... can't wait for 2009!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

GRSF - printed matter 4

I'm really excited that 3 of my prints are going to be on display at Giant Robot SF this holiday season during the exhibition Printed Matter 4 which opens on Saturday December 13th and runs until January 14, 2009.

Giant Robot SF
618 Shrader St
SF, CA 94117