Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The United Kingdom

I just got back from an amazing trip to the UK..I went to London for a bit and met up with the amazing design firm Winkreative, the amazing print / artwork producers P.O.W. & with friend / author / art director extraordinaire Tristan Manco. Great to finally meet everyone in person and for getting the grand tours of the facilities!Then I headed west to Bristol for my 2 person show, entitled Land & Sky, with the lovely and talented Lizzy Stewart at Here Gallery. I had the best times and bought way too many books and ate way too many delicious pie & mash combos @ Pieminister. A giant THANK YOU must go out to Ben & Gavin from Here Gallery for inviting us to show at their gallery and for letting us crash on their floor.. & also to Lizzy & Jez for just being rad. Also a HUGE thank you is in order for Molly @ The Neon Hive & Carla @ Scooter And Jinx for driving 9 hours & all their help & support amongst many other things. (with a nod to David @ Vannen Watches for putting us in touch in the first place.)Then it was off to Liverpool where I was interviewed by Mike over at Thunder Chunky and got to spend some time with him as well as Glenn @ Sparkle Media. Finally finishing the trip with an amazing visit to Edinburgh and old friends Russell & Julie @ Analogue Books, who, along with their son Rudy & cat Piglet, were the most amazing & gracious hosts. I also had a bit of work to do while in Edinburgh, Julie was kind enough to ask me to be a part of Early Griffin Press, so I had some new 3 color prints to sign.. to be released in the upcoming months!THANKS to everyone mentioned above and to all the other rad people I met along the way and those that came out to the exhibit in Bristol & especially to the taxi drivers who talked football with me since apparently no artists in the UK follow the greatest game ever invented. (well except for Mike... and what another classic Merseyside derby it was...)& here is a full on photo slide show for those that can't get enough of the UK.. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.