Friday, May 28, 2010

Analogue Books solo show!

I'm heading back over to the UK for my next solo show entitled "All I Heard Was The Echo In The Light" which opens on June 4th at Analogue Books in Edinburgh, Scotland. There is a bunch of stuff in the works for this one... all new collages, prints, wooden people & lots & lots of flags. Analogue is also producing a 2 color T shirt, seen below, and there will also be a a new limited zine/catalog with screen printed pages and other goodies.

Here's a little bit about the show:

All I Heard Was The Echo In The Light is sunshine, desert & succulents. It’s going outside at night, watching the dying suns and witnessing the new ones being born. Everything to and from dust. Geodesic domes, the 1960’s, the sky & being alone. It’s about all the people I have never met. It’s about all of us living and about all of us dying. It’s about all the love I have for everything. There may be a crystal or two involved, sorry, I tried to keep it scientific. It’s sewn. It’s printed. It’s painted. It’s 100% handmade. Everything is infinite. It will last forever & it will also end on July 10, 2010.

I'm also going on a super abridged tour of Scandinavia with stops in Gothenburg & Oslo.. so come out and say "hello!"