Saturday, November 27, 2010

holiday shopping extravaganza

Hey everyone! So, here's a condensed holiday shopping guide for my products.. thanks & happy holidays!

These are some of the shirts I did for 2K BY GINGHAM, these and more of my 2k shirts are available HERE.

Here is a shirt I did for BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK & you can buy it HERE.

This is my watch for VANNEN WATCHES, which is available for purchase HERE.

Need some holiday cards to mail out to your friends & family? Perfect.. here are 3 cards I did for ARTISTS TO WATCH available for purchase HERE.

This is the 4th and final shoe I did for CIRCA SKATEBOARDS this year, you can get your pair HERE.

GROVE makes rad laser engraved iPhone cases and mine is available HERE as well as wall art which is available HERE.

I've got a bunch of posters, including 2 brand new ones available for purchase HERE.

Here's a new zine I did which was a catalog for my solo show in Edinburgh, Scotland this summer at Analogue Books.. it's available for purchase HERE.