Saturday, March 28, 2009

HunterGatherer // Todd St John & Gary Benzel

HunterGatherer is the design/film studio of Todd St. John and frequent collaborator Gary Benzel. I'm not sure who does what over there but it's amazing. I met Gary & Todd years ago when I first moved to California and I fell in love with their designs right away, half my house is products that they developed or prints they've made.. they are both extraordinarily talented designers and super, super nice guys. I was just looking over some of the films/animations over at the HunterGatherer site, and below are some of my all time favorites.. I just love these so much I had to share.. I have never been one for doing animation or any sort of motion graphics myself, but watching these makes me really rethink that. You can see how much fun they have while making all the things they do and it all looks so beautiful, from the sets to the graphics.. anyway, here is a sampling from HunterGatherer

You can also see their collaborative work at the now defunct Green Lady and here is their shop Igloo